Currently October

Time for Currently with Farley!
Listening: Fox News was doing a special on infant sleep so they came to our house and got some footage of Baby Reed!  If you are interested, check out the clip!
Loving: My new blog design!  I still have some work to do on it, but the design is so fresh and new!  
Thinking: We had a little cold front last week, but then the 90 degree heat returned this week.  I'm all about fall and ready for the cool, crisp air!  :)
Wanting: Mama lives in Florida, but we would do anything to have her in Texas with us...Maybe I'll hit the lottery so I can buy her a house, hehe.
Needing: I'm struggling to keep up with my blog and baby right now.  I'm hoping my fresh new blog design will keep me motivated!
Treat: I heard up the "Head's Up" app on Ellen.  It's 99 cents, but that's a cheap treat for all the fun this game will provide you.  Serious fun.  :)
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