Inside Recess Fun

I don't know about you, but it seems like there are so many days each year where we are stuck INSIDE for recess.  It's either rain, snow, temperature, or ozone alerts that prevent us from going outside.  Sometimes I let the kids have "free time," but honestly, that can be very loud and messy!  :-)

When we are stuck inside, I KNOW my kids need to expend energy and exercise!  I came up with some fun physical activities for the kids to do.  I set it up like stations.  I hang posters around the room, and kiddos rotate with a partner to each "station."  None of the activities require any equipment so it's fast and easy to set up.  The exercises are all common, and kiddos are familiar with them from PE class so they really have a ball with it.
Check out a few example posters from my Inside Recess Fun product:
As always, set your behavior and noise level expectations before beginning!  Have fun!

Comment on this post and let me know what you think.  Don't forget to include your e-mail.  I'll choose a few lucky winners, and send you Inside Recess Fun for FREE!  

Currently August

Time to link up with Farley for Currently August!
Listening: To all my Dallas friends...Do you love Urban Taco as much as I do?  Can't beat free Wi-Fi and a delicious taco.
Loving: I LOVE going to the mall to shop for new outfits and ACTUALLY finding things that fit and look cute!  Such a happy feeling!  :)  These are my two favorite dresses I found  yesterday...One is for a baby shower on Saturday and the other is for my brother's wedding in a few weeks.

Thinking: My girlfriends and I are baking and decorating 100 sugar cookies tonight for the baby shower on Saturday.  Hope they are AWESOME!  
Wanting: I'm such a bag of emotions...I'm so lucky and blessed to be able to stay home with my sweet baby boy, but I'm also super sad I won't have a classroom of my own.  I plan to substitute and volunteer all year, but it won't be the same without a classroom of my own.  I'll up for helping decorate anyone's classroom that needs my helps in DFW.  :)  
Needing: Still need to lose that baby weight, LOL.  I'll be more motivated when the weather is cooler.  
B2S Must Haves: Sharpies make my heart beat a little quicker.  <3
Yes...I wear heels to school on most days so I'm always in need of a new, comfortable pair every year.  These are my absolute favorites...I can wear them ALL DAY and not hate myself...They are a little spendy but totally worth it!  
Teaching rules, routines, and procedures is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing about Back 2 School!  This is a sample of the PowerPoint I use in my classroom every year.  It comes in so handy the first few weeks and then again throughout the year as students need a review of my expectations.  It's completely editable too!  
That's all for now!  Must get home to my little man!  :)  
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