Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Math Packet

A few minutes of addition/subtraction practice each day will help your child avoid the summer slide and SWING AHEAD into the new school year.
Are you a parent of a Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade student who needs practice with addition and subtraction math facts? Don't let your kiddo fall behind this summer. Math "homework" a few days a week will help your child prepare for the new school year.
I just posted this summer math packet, and it's perfect for outgoing Kindergarten students, as well as first and second graders. Students will practice basic addition and subtraction and build fluency and automaticity with math facts. Skills include sums to 12, sums to 20, missing addends, equivalent sums, part-part-whole, story problems/word problems, doubles, doubles plus one/two, and more. 
Summer math homework for first grade and second grade
Set goals and track progress with this summer math packet resource from TheHappyTeacher
Review, practice, and reinforce math concepts taught all year so your kiddo will be ready for Back to School! Here are a few samples of what you will see inside:
Math facts timed practice
Summer math worksheets for first grade
Addition with three addends printable worksheet
Find the missing part with three addends worksheet
Equivalent sums worksheet

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Building Sight Words: Activities and Printables

Hands-on sight word activities and ideas
Sight words don't have to be boring and repetitive! Two of my favorite manipulatives to use with sight words are magnetic tiles (such as MagnaTiles or Picasso Tiles) and Unifix® letter cubes. When kids are using their hands to physically move and manipulate the letters to create the word, it has more meaning. Keep it novel and FUN!
Using magnetic tiles to build sight words
Use a dry erase marker to write on magnetic tiles. I love our Expo® markers with fuzzy eraser on the cap! They write well on the magnets and wipe off easily. 
Another hands-on activity for building sight words is using snap cubes. If you don't have the large Unifix® letter cubes, you can create your own using basic snap cubes, Mega blocks, or Duplo Legos.
Hands-on sight word activity and free printable
Building sight words is the perfect activity to incorporate into your word work center or station. Just rotate the list of words students are working on each week and switch out the manipulatives periodically.
Need sight word flash cards and sight word lists by grade level? Check this out...
Dolch sight words
12 more sight word activities here...
Sight word activities and ideas for school or home
Sight word activities for Kindergarten and first grade

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Race to 100 - Hundreds Chart Game

Kids playing math game with dice and hundreds chart.
Race to 100 is a fun and simple game to play with a Hundreds Chart. You can also use a 120 Chart! This game builds number sense for preschool, Kindergarten, and first graders. Students will work on number recognition, counting, counting on, numbers to 100, basic addition, and mental math. Watch us play:
To play the game, you will need a Hundreds Chart, dice, and a game piece for each player. You can use snap cubes, a piece of candy, or any small toy as a game piece. Need a Hundreds Chart or 120 Chart? Download one for free here.
Players start next to the 1 and take turns rolling the dice and moving their game piece forward. To make the game more challenging, players can roll 2 or 3 dice on each turn. In this version, players add the sum of the dice and then move their game piece forward. The goal is to make it to 100! 
Another variation of the game is to start at 100 and move backward to 1.
This is a great game to play on the 100th Day of School or to incorporate into your daily math centers. Visit TheHappyTeacher store to get your free 100 Chart, 120 Chart, and missing number fill-ins. 
Race to 100 is a simple, fun game to build number sense using a hundred chart.
120 Chart with missing numbers for students to fill in
Free 120 chart printable
Numbers from 1 to 100 chart
Kids playing Hundred Chart math game

Monday, May 14, 2018

Play-Doh Puzzles

Play-Doh imprint puzzles are a great visual discrimination activity for preschoolers. Visual discrimination is the ability to see subtle differences between objects. This is an important skill in reading and writing. (Think how confusing b, d, p, and q can be for early readers.) 
Here are the materials you need:
-Cookie sheet/tray
-Various household or classroom items to imprint
Coins, Legos, animals, utensils, school supplies, letters, numbers, shapes... Basically raid your junk drawer! I created a few matching challenges for my kiddos, and then they created their own. After rolling out the Play-Doh, they gathered items to imprint. 
 They each made a challenge for the other. Reed picked a lot of items with round or circular shapes to try and trick Jack. 
If your kiddos mix up certain letters and numbers, this is a fun way to practice recognizing the differences between them.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

End of the Year Ideas, Activities, & Printables

The last few weeks of school are a crazy time- testing, report cards, meetings, conferences, inventory, & packing up room. All of that plus 25 kids who are all ready for summer vacay! If you are feeling the craziness of the end of the year, you've gotta check out this UPDATED resource!
End of the year ideas for the classroom
This resource includes 20 writing prompts... or discussion topics. 
Writing prompts and journal ideas for the end of the year
You will also find activities and printables that require NO PREP! Just print and go. 
End of the year activities and printables
Activities for the last week of school
I've also added a super fun end of the year project. Students will work in a small group and become young entrepreneurs. The group will create their own fictional summer business: a lemonade stand or an ice cream truck. This is a fun way to keep kids engaged in meaningful work. See samples below! 
Introduction to business ideas for kids
Kids lemonade stand or ice cream truck business idea
Printable worksheets for kids' starting a business
The countdown to summer is on! Grab these End of the Year printables and activities today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Activities

The Four Seasons emergent reader book for preschool and Kindergarten
Teaching about the four seasons has always been one of my favorite science topics. Watching the trees change, switching out my wardrobe, and experiencing the weather of each season is magical! I've had a resource about the seasons in my TpT store for many years, and it was time for an update. Take a peek and let me know what you think!
Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade seasons activities
This resource includes color posters for each season to display in your class.
Posters for the four seasons
Spring season poster
There are plenty of activities to engage your learners: sorting activities, graphic organizers, writing prompts/discussion topics for each season, recipes, and more! The resources are designed for PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st graders. My kids especially loved this art project where we painted the bare tree according to the season. 
Printable tree art project for spring, summer, winter, fall
Seasonal tree art project for kids
Here is how we did it...
Fun and easy art project for kids to learn about the four seasons
More fun activities for your students...
Word searches for fall, winter, spring, summer
Graphic organizers for winter, spring, summer, and fall

The four seasons writing activities
The Four Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer writing prompts, printables, and activities
To learn more, check it out in my TpT store. Click on the preview to see inside the resource!
The Four Seasons activities and ideas for your classroom

Monday, March 26, 2018

Simple Sticker Matching Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Fun and easy activity for preschoolers and toddlers
Visual discrimination is the ability to recognize details and subtle differences. Why is visual discrimination an important skill for toddlers and preschoolers? VD is critical in reading and writing. Consider how close letter b, d, p, and q look. Noticing the subtle differences in these letters changes the words you are reading and writing. Sight words like "were" and "where" and "was" and "saw" can give early readers big troubles because they are unable to easily detect the slight differences in the words while reading. 
Sticker matching is a fun and easy activity for preschoolers. To get started, grab some stickers and blank paper. Find stickers in your packs that have exact matches. Put one of each pair on the left side of the paper and the other on the right. Not only will kiddos be working on VD and matching, they will also be working on fine motor skills by drawing lines.
My kiddos love sticker matching, and now they are able to create their own! They love looking for matching stickers and finding a "tricky" spot on the blank paper for each sticker. After they fill up the page, they let each other have a go.
Check out Jack (age 3) working on the sticker matching game in this video.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Initial Sounds Phonics Easter Egg Activity

Fun Spring and Easter phonics activity for kids
Today I'm sharing a fun learning activity using plastic eggs! If you are like me, you have tons of stickers that need a purpose. I grabbed some plastic eggs, a Sharpie, and some of those random stickers. Attach one sticker to the top half of each egg. On the bottom, write the letter for the initial sound.
Cute and easy phonics activity for Easter centers
 S is for Spiderman!
L is for leaf!
Learning activity for plastic Easter eggs
Pop the eggs apart and let your kiddos get to work matching the letters and sounds.
Cute idea for preschool and Kindergarten Easter
There are so many variations of this cute, simple activity to differentiate for the needs of your students. To challenge your kiddos, you can set up the activity for students to match final consonant sounds. Frog= /g/  Ball= /l/ Leaf= /f/  Working on medial vowel sounds?  Have students match stickers to the vowel sound of the sticker. Cat= /a/ Frog= /o/ Pig= /i/ Bug= /u/
Cute Easter phonics activity for preschool and Kindergarten kids
Another fun extension... Kids love tiny things so this activity is right up their alley. Have students choose an egg and find a small object that begins with the letter on the egg AND fits inside the egg. If you are doing this in the classroom, each student could take an egg home and bring it back to school to share with the class.
Fun learning activities using plastic Easter eggs
No Prep Spring and Easter printables for Preschool and Kindergarten
Check out these fun math & literacy printables! Perfect for morning work, stations, independent practice.
Fun learning activity for Easter using plastic eggs- perfect for Kindergarten and preschool kids
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