Name Posters- First Day of School Art

Student Name Posters in Bubbly Letters
For years, I've done Rainbow Names with students on the first day of school. It's a simple art activity that allows me to discuss my expectations for using school supplies. It also keeps students busy for a chunk of time. The first week of school is crazy, and there are lots of random things that need to be attended to. Having a few projects for students to work on while the teacher gets situated is key. I was surfing Pinterest yesterday, and I stumbled upon these adorable name posters from Middle School Frolics (formerly 4th Grade Frolics). 
4th Grade Frolics name posters using Grobold font
Similar to the Rainbow Names idea, students get a chance to use their brand new school supplies and the teacher can review supply expectations with students. These name posters are so easy to prep, and you can have a class set printed out in no time! I created a step-by-step tutorial for anyone who wants to make a set for their own classroom. The font that Tara from Middle School Frolics suggested in her original post was GROBOLD, and I love it! 
Create a set of name posters for your classroom in five minutes!
Look how pretty!! Students get a chance to create on the first day of school, and you can use them to label cubbies, decorate your classroom door, or add to a bulletin board. Here's how to make them...
Use PowerPoint to create name posters for students to decorate.
How to create a class set of name posters
Step by step directions for creating name posters in PowerPoint
Use PowerPoint to create name posters for your students.
Primary Teachers- This font uses the "fancy a," so if you want a traditional "a," you may want to try a different chunky font, such as KG What the Teacher Wants. Thanks, Tara, for sharing this darling idea! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at
If you get a chance, check out my Back to School trifold brochure. Ditch those packets and give parents all the information they need on ONE page.. 😍
Trifold brochure-easy to edit- chalkboard design
You can create a class set of these adorable name posters in PowerPoint in five minutes! The blog post provides step by step directions and tips for creating your own class set.


  1. I just used your idea and created the names using Google Slides as well. (We're a google school.) I was able to download the fun fonts, but not use them though, so I just used something I already had. Fun idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. We are also a google school.. I just made them in powerpoint and then shared to my drive. Worked well for me!

  2. I love these! Any idea how to create them on Google slides?

  3. Love this Idea! Do you know how to create this on Mac ( keynote) ?