Currently November

A quick blog post to link up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade!
Listening: Love Saturday nights at home with hubby watching football!  My Seminoles won on Thursday so I'm a happy lady.
Loving: The low in Dallas was 40 degrees this morning.  #amazing
Thinking: Just got my 7-week old down in his crib for the night.  He's been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches, which is amazing, but I have to sleep when he sleeps!  ::YAWN::  
Screenshot from the baby monitor. Hehe.  
Wanting: Keeping up with a toddler and an infant is challenging.  Time for blogging has gone out the window!  :(
Needing: C. Jayne Teach has some amazing new dry erase clipboards, and I want one so bad!  Not sure if I want the grid or the blank one.  Eek!
Reading: Everyone has heard of The 5 Love Languages book, right?  Well, they have a kids' version.  I think it will help me be a better PARENT and TEACHER.  Find it here.  
Night night!!  :)
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