Jelly Bean Math

Easter is just around the corner and that means JELLY BEANS are the perfect math manipulative for the next few weeks.  :)  Yesterday at Target, I found these divided plates that are perfect for addition and subtraction using the part-part-whole strategy. 
They were in the kitchen section, on the aisle that has all of the kids' cups and plates.  They are Circo brand, and they had a few different colors.  The best part is they were only 79 cents! LOVE!  If you don't have the divided plates, you can use a basic part-part-whole mat like the one below.  (Download it for FREE.)
My favorite part of this math center is that students are building their own addition and subtraction problems.  Give each student a baggie of jelly beans, a divided plate (or part part whole mat), and a recording sheet.  Students create their own addition & subtraction problems.  
Recording sheets...
Hope your students have fun creating their own math...and eating jelly beans... =)

February Favorites!

Stopping by to share some of my favorites at the moment...
My favorite read-aloud at the moment is "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson.  If you haven't read it yet, go buy it now.  It will be a class favorite.  I love the movie too because it matches the book perfectly!  There is also a website with activities & songs to explore.  
I stumbled upon these "animal crackers" at Kroger yesterday.  Not only are they a delicious snack, but they are perfect for Word Work & Spelling activities.  A lot of the alphabet cereals and snack foods out there are so hard to decipher!  These letters and numbers are so clear.  These would be perfect for spelling practice, Word Work center, or just a fun Friday snack!  
I've been scouring Pinterest for Valentine's Day ideas that are fun and easy!  I'm loving these chocolate covered pretzels with festive sprinkles.  
Need an easy math activity for Valentine's Day?  It's something you can use on Valentine's Day and throughout the year!  (Just switch out your V-Day manipulatives with something else)
Kiddos will practice addition and subtraction using the part-part-whole strategy.
Gather your materials: manipulatives, part-part-whole mat, recording sheets.
Hearts & cupcakes from the Target Dollar Spot 
Sometimes I use recording sheets, and sometimes I have kiddos just record their answers in a math journal to save paper.  :)  
 Festive & fun for Valentine's Day!  
That's all for now!  Have a great week!
Valentine Math Addition Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade
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