Building Sight Words: Activities and Printables

Hands-on sight word activities and ideas
Sight words don't have to be boring and repetitive! Two of my favorite manipulatives to use with sight words are magnetic tiles (such as MagnaTiles or Picasso Tiles) and Unifix® letter cubes. When kids are using their hands to physically move and manipulate the letters to create the word, it has more meaning. Keep it novel and FUN!
Using magnetic tiles to build sight words
Use a dry erase marker to write on magnetic tiles. I love our Expo® markers with fuzzy eraser on the cap! They write well on the magnets and wipe off easily. 
Another hands-on activity for building sight words is using snap cubes. If you don't have the large Unifix® letter cubes, you can create your own using basic snap cubes, Mega blocks, or Duplo Legos.
Hands-on sight word activity and free printable
Building sight words is the perfect activity to incorporate into your word work center or station. Just rotate the list of words students are working on each week and switch out the manipulatives periodically.
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Sight word activities and ideas for school or home
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