Tactile Sight Word Books

Sight words are an integral part of any reading program.  Emergent readers need exposure and practice with high frequency words.  I firmly believe in Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, and I found myself wondering how I could make sight words appeal to kinesthetic/ tactile learners. 

I found these great index card notebooks/flip books on sale when I was doing my back to school shopping. 

 I grabbed a Sharpie and wrote my students' sight words in the flip book.  
Then I traced the words using glitter glue!  Pretty and practical!  

  Now the kiddos can use their finger to trace each sight word as they read it!  I usually partner my struggling readers up with a buddy.  The first reader traces and says each letter.  Their buddy reads the words, and the first reader repeats the word.  This helps students make a connection between the letters they are tracing with their fingers and the sight word.  It's great practice for both students, and I find that the helper LOVES playing "teacher."  :)  


  1. Hi Liz! This is such a great idea and just the kind of thing I've been looking for. Could you please tell me where you found the index card flip books? Also, did it take you forever to make one for each of your kids with drying time between every word?

    Thank you so much for such a great idea!

  2. Hey Stephanie! I got the index card flip books at Office Depot. I bet WalMart, Staples, or Amazon would have them too though! :)

    Yes, it did take some time for each word to dry. I just left them sitting out on the counter and did them as often as I could! :) The books were done before long!!

    Have fun! Hope your kiddos enjoy!