Anchor Charts Galore

I was visiting my sweet friend Dian's ESL classroom the other day, and I was amazed by all of her BEAUTIFUL and ENGAGING anchor charts!  She told me they are all Pinterest-inspired (what isn't these days!?!), and she let me take some pictures of them to share with y'all!  Anchor charts are a great way to help students remember what they learn.  As a class, create these unique posters together.  Hang them around the classroom so students have a visual to reference.  Even after you take the charts down, students will have a connection to the information on the chart and where it was hung in the classroom!

Addition & Subtraction Printables {Part-Part-Whole}

I love using the Part-Part-Whole strategy to teach addition and subtraction with students.  In fact, our math curriculum utilizes this strategy very effectively.  However, I always want to add "cute-ness" to the math curriculum.  I've made several sets of Addition/Subtraction Task Cards, but I decided to make some printables as well.  Sometimes you just need to grab a quick math grade, or check that students have a good conceptual understanding!  
Laminate or put pages in sheet protectors for student practice.  Dry erase markers and Vis-a-Vis markers will cut down on paper copies! 
Each page has fun, black-and-white clip art so fast finishers can color when they finish! 
If you want to use these printables at a math center, grab a folder and some sheet protectors!  You can also include the answer keys so students can check their own work. 
You can download this product by visiting my TpT store!  If you're not a fan of printables/worksheets, check out my Addition & Subtraction Task Cards instead!  
Three lucky readers who comment on this blog post (AND include their e-mail) will WIN these printables!  

Five Fun February Freebies!

Are you ready for Valentine's Day WEEK?  If not, then check out some FREEBIES and suggestions I have to make your week super sweet and smooth! =)

1.  Visit PBS Kids for Valentine themed videos, such as Clifford, Arthur, Maya & Miguel, and more!  The videos range from 2-10 minutes so it's the perfect activity for transition times or wrapping up the day.  

(page 20)
I hope you have a fantastic and fun week!  

Currently February & Much More!!

Farley is hosting her monthly Linky Party!  
Check out Currently February:
As many of you know, I'm preggers (due in April).  Therefore, my hubby and I are staying in a lot more than we usually do and watching lots of TV!  We've watched Breaking Bad (all five seasons) and Homeland (just starting season two).  We also watch lots of documentaries on Netflix.  We found a great one the other night that I'd like to recommend.  It's called "American Teacher" (2011), and it follows the lives and experiences of four teachers.  It's only about 80 minutes long, so check it out if you have some free time!  Matt Damon narrates the documentary so enjoy that!  =)  
On another note, did you hear about the Sunday Super Sale over at TpT!?!
Everything in my store will be on sale for 28% off!  Yippee!!  I know I'll  be shopping for lots of activities for the month of February, spring time writing activities, more clip art, and some center activities!
Last but not least, I just added a great resource to my store called Sweet Sentences Mega Pack!  It's only $4.00 and contains 56 pages of grammar and writing activities to help young writers grasp the concepts of complete vs. incomplete sentences.  There are posters, activities for literacy stations and small groups, printables for independent practice, and whole group lessons.  Check out a few examples below:
{CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1j and CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2.1f}
Leave a comment below about writing instruction in your classroom (also include your e-mail), and I'll choose a few lucky winners to receive the Sweet Sentences Mega Pack for FREE!  :)  
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