Baby Baby!!

Well is the day!!  I'm having a BABY!!  I'm writing this blog post as I sit in the baby's nursery.  I'm going into the hospital at 7:30am to be induced!  I SHOULD meet my little man sometime TODAY.  (Earth Day is a cool birthday to have, right?)  Anyhow, I wanted to post this little update for you and let you know I may be missing in action for a little while until I get a handle on being a Mommy!  :)  I promise I'll stop in and post a baby picture or two though!  Here are a few nursery pics...

 For more nursery pictures, projects, and BABY stuff, check out my personal blog: The Pledger Family.
 Wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck! Your nursery looks great!

  2. Good luck with your beautiful new baby and enjoy.