My Favorite Things 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Don't you agree?  I'm here to share a few of MY favorite things with you.  I'm so glad you've stopped by for a chance to win some of fabulous goodies!
One of my latest discoveries is an amazing hair brush from Dry Bar called The Lemon Drop.  Have you ever been to Dry Bar by the way?  It's a salon that specializes in blow outs.  No cut or color.  Just blow outs.  It's a treat.  I love sipping on a glass of champagne while getting my hair done.  :)
I bought this brush the last time I was in, and it's amazing.  My hair is so much softer and smoother when I use this brush!  I hope Santa will bring one for your stocking!  

One of my favorite holiday traditions is creating Cinnamon Applesauce Christmas ornaments.  I started making them with my students years ago, and it's magical!  The smell of cinnamon lingers through the hallway, and everyone stops by my classroom to find out what we are making.  
Click on the picture to find out how easy they are to make!  
My absolute favorite store for Christmas shopping is NORDSTROM.  (Actually, it's my favorite store ALL THE TIME.)  

I can't walk out of Nordstrom without buying something.  :)  Here are a few goodies I've already bought for the important people in my life...
Flannel pajamas for both of my sister-in-laws.  (And maybe a pair for myself as well!)
New shoes for my toddler!  Baby Nikes are the cutest.  
Kendra Scott earrings for my besties!  
Sporty T-Shirt for my hubby and brothers!  
I got this hilarious sign for a few people.  It's kind of a running joke in our family that everyone gets new undies from Santa.  
As part of this festive blog hop, I'm giving a $25 gift card to my favorite store, Nordstrom, so you can get some Christmas shopping done too!  
Need some Christmas math in your classroom?  For a short time, my addition and subtraction task cards are on sale.  Click on the picture to check them out!  

These task cards are perfect for math stations, independent practice, or a scavenger hunt!  
Hope you've enjoyed reading about My Favorite Things.  Now it's time to hop on over to the next blog.
Merry Christmas from TheHappyTeacher and family! 
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Currently November

A quick blog post to link up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade!
Listening: Love Saturday nights at home with hubby watching football!  My Seminoles won on Thursday so I'm a happy lady.
Loving: The low in Dallas was 40 degrees this morning.  #amazing
Thinking: Just got my 7-week old down in his crib for the night.  He's been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches, which is amazing, but I have to sleep when he sleeps!  ::YAWN::  
Screenshot from the baby monitor. Hehe.  
Wanting: Keeping up with a toddler and an infant is challenging.  Time for blogging has gone out the window!  :(
Needing: C. Jayne Teach has some amazing new dry erase clipboards, and I want one so bad!  Not sure if I want the grid or the blank one.  Eek!
Reading: Everyone has heard of The 5 Love Languages book, right?  Well, they have a kids' version.  I think it will help me be a better PARENT and TEACHER.  Find it here.  
Night night!!  :)

September Excitement!

Well, the day is finally near...Tomorrow I will meet my 2nd bundle of joy!  
It's been an incredibly long 9 months and not the easiest pregnancy...I think chasing around a toddler made this pregnancy a bit more challenging than the first.  :)  

I put a few last minute touches on Baby Jack's nursery.  I love the way it turned out.  
 Nautical sign from TheCheapDecorator on Etsy.
Our cozy corner!  
 The little details make me happy :)
 Jack's bookshelf...
 Close up!
 Jack's changing table.  I'll add his newborn pics & family pics to the picture frames very soon!
Bathroom accents:
 Wash & Rinse sign by TheCheapDecorator!
I've been busy this weekend finishing up a few last minute projects that I should have done weeks ago...With my first, I made goodie bags for the Labor & Delivery nurses.  That seemed like too much work this time (LOL), so I made a simple, sweet treat to show our thanks!
 These would also make great little gifts for babysitters or friends that help out with LO in the beginning!  Throw in a Starbucks gift card, and you have a gift for your Nanny!  
"Thank you for helping with our little peanut!"
You can download the gift tags here!

I'm celebrating a TpT milestone, and for a few days you can get my newest product, Pumpkin Palooza for FREE!  Yippee!  It's my way of saying THANK YOU for loving and supporting TheHappyTeacher!  :) 
Pumpkin Palooza is filled with fun printables to engage your kiddos during the weeks leading up to Halloween!  I hope you and your students enjoy.  Please leave me some happy feedback after downloading.  It's only free for a few days, so go get it now.  :)  

I'll be MIA from the blog world for awhile, but I'll post an update and some pics of Baby Jack when I get the chance.  Wish me luck....Tomorrow, I'm going to be a Mommy again!  Yay!

Currently Sept & Fall Printables!

I'm actually linking up with Farley on the 1st of the month.  That never happen.  :)
Listening: Hubby loves golf.  :)
Loving: I'm a BIG soda drinker, but I'm trying to cut back, and I just discovered La Croix "sparkly" water!  It really is good, and I'm hoping it helps me cut out those yucky Coke calories.
Thinking: Baby Jack will be here any day.  Life is going to be so different with two babies!  
Wanting: My mom gets in town on Wednesday.  I also have a hair appointment that day, so hopefully Baby Jack waits until after that to arrive.  Priorities.  :)
Needing: Energy.  I'm not sure what is more exhausting...the end of pregnancy or life with a newborn.  LOL.  
3 Trips: Mexico (We live in Texas.  It would be so easy!)
Europe...Not even sure where?  Just want to go and explore!
Alaska: Sounds awesome today since it's 100 degrees.  Ah!  
I've been working on a little goodie to help you ring in fall and the craziness of Halloween!  ;)  The best part about this pack is that it requires NO PREP.  You know there are those days when you need a fun, easy activity to engage your students for just a few minutes that requires no preparation!!!  These will be perfect for morning work, literacy centers, independent work, or on Halloween!!!  Here are a few samples... Check out my TpT store for more info!  
 Writing Prompts! 
Making Words...
Following Directions Activities...
 These are always my students' favorite!  I make extra copies so they can make up their own directions and play with a friend.  :)  
There are four different Thinking Map templates included as well.  
 Pumpkin Bubble Map
Hope these printables will help you survive the excitement of Halloween!  :)
Leave a comment below, and let me know what your favorite fall treat is.  I'll choose a few winners and send you a copy for FREE.  
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