Currently Sept & Fall Printables!

I'm actually linking up with Farley on the 1st of the month.  That never happen.  :)
Listening: Hubby loves golf.  :)
Loving: I'm a BIG soda drinker, but I'm trying to cut back, and I just discovered La Croix "sparkly" water!  It really is good, and I'm hoping it helps me cut out those yucky Coke calories.
Thinking: Baby Jack will be here any day.  Life is going to be so different with two babies!  
Wanting: My mom gets in town on Wednesday.  I also have a hair appointment that day, so hopefully Baby Jack waits until after that to arrive.  Priorities.  :)
Needing: Energy.  I'm not sure what is more exhausting...the end of pregnancy or life with a newborn.  LOL.  
3 Trips: Mexico (We live in Texas.  It would be so easy!)
Europe...Not even sure where?  Just want to go and explore!
Alaska: Sounds awesome today since it's 100 degrees.  Ah!  
I've been working on a little goodie to help you ring in fall and the craziness of Halloween!  ;)  The best part about this pack is that it requires NO PREP.  You know there are those days when you need a fun, easy activity to engage your students for just a few minutes that requires no preparation!!!  These will be perfect for morning work, literacy centers, independent work, or on Halloween!!!  Here are a few samples... Check out my TpT store for more info!  
 Writing Prompts! 
Making Words...
Following Directions Activities...
 These are always my students' favorite!  I make extra copies so they can make up their own directions and play with a friend.  :)  
There are four different Thinking Map templates included as well.  
 Pumpkin Bubble Map
Hope these printables will help you survive the excitement of Halloween!  :)
Leave a comment below, and let me know what your favorite fall treat is.  I'll choose a few winners and send you a copy for FREE.  


  1. I also want to go to Alaska! I want to see a whale...thinking about going on a cruise. I head the best time to go is June or so...

    I can't believe you're already thinking about Halloween! I can barely wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow is my first day of school, and you're thinking 2 months out. Argh! Love the stuff though!

  2. Last year I made an apple spice cookie (cider mix in the dough) filled with caramel. Pinterest inspired, easy and so so delicious! I was just thinking about them today. Love your resources- first day is tomorrow!

  3. My favourite fall treat is candy corn. I just found your blog through Farley's linkup. Your blog looks great BTW.

  4. My favorite fall treat is apple pie!

  5. I like pumpkin cookies!

  6. I love the candy from Halloween that my kids collect! Does that count as a fall treat??? these printables!

  7. Thanks for all of your great comments. The lucky winners are Lori, Melissa, & Cherie! Check your e-mail for your FREE copy of Pumpkin Palooza! :)