Birthday Books & Currently May!

Birthday books are one of my favorite classroom traditions!  It's a super EASY, FREE, and SPECIAL way to make every child feel loved on their b-day.  About a week before a child's birthday, I send home a blank birthday book in the student's folder.  Then, the parents and child create a simple "scrapbook" to share with their classmates on their birthday.  I share my personal birthday book at the beginning of the year so that kiddos know what to expect.  They can use pictures, stickers, drawings, etc. in their books.  All of the birthday books go into a special basket in our classroom library.  These are CLASS FAVORITES.  The kids love to see their friends' pictures and read about themselves.  :)

Here is what my birthday book looks like:

The kids love seeing baby pictures, family pics, and "dress up" pictures of their teacher!  :)

How to make the birthday books...
During the summer, I laminate and cut out construction paper (about 30 pieces so I have some extras). Take the laminated piece of construction paper and staple it together with TWO pieces of white paper.  I always use two pieces of paper because once it is folded, we will have eight pages in the book (front and back), which is the perfect amount!  Creating all of the books before the year starts is key!  It takes all of 20 minutes to get these assembled, and it's worth every second.  Trust and your kiddos will love this classroom tradition.

A few days late for Currently May with Farley, but what's new  :)
Listening: Laundry day is EVERY day at my house.
Loving: So many cute ideas all over Pinterest for end of the year fun!
Thinking:  We just found out the Baby #2 is going to be another BOY!  I always thought of myself as a "boy Mom" so I'm very excited.  I'm thinking navy, gray, and white NAUTICAL theme for the nursery...
Wanting: Can't wait to shop and get some good deals!
Needing: Messy desk.  Ugh.
Surprise:  You've gotta check out my friend's TPT store and blog: Primary Essentials.  Fran and I worked together as instructional coaches before I became a Mommy.  She has some amazing products that will get your kiddos up and moving around the classroom!  Here is a link to her Facebook page too! 
Before I go, here is a pic of baby Reed.  I still can't believe my baby is ONE!!


  1. I love your birthday book idea! I am going to be switching to being a homeroom teacher next year and I can't wait to use this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the birthday book idea. It would work great for my 4th graders. Sidenote: I understand your washing machine all day situation.

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