Back to School Communication & Meet the Teacher

Building relationships and establishing an open line of communication with parents is essential to a great school year. All the teachers at my school are REQUIRED to make a phone call to each and every parent during the first week of school. It may be a requirement, but it's something that I actually love doing!  I enjoy touching basing with the parents and giving them a positive update before the year really gets going. On the flip side, as a parent, I love hearing from my child's teacher...and he's only attending Mother's Day Out!  :) I created this simple form to use at the start of the new school year.  Pass out the note at "Meet the Teacher" night or send it home in students' folders on the first day of school. The letter will give parents the opportunity to share vital information with you about their child.
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Speaking of Meet the Teacher Night, there are some important forms I have parents fill out when they come to meet me before school starts.
This next form is probably the most important! It's vital to know how students are getting home on the FIRST day of school. Over the years I've found that parents tend to do things a little differently on the first day of school.  The child may normally be a bus rider but on the first day of school, Mom may want to pick her child up in the carpool line or maybe Dad is going to walk home with his child. Find out how the child is getting home on that very first day of school! 
The idea is for parents to stay in the classroom and fill out these forms immediately. That way I have them ready to go on the 1st Day of School. I have some simple, fun activities for the kids to do while their parents fill out these important forms. (Ex: Buckets of math manipulatives, Play-Doh, iPad games, coloring pages, etc...)
What do you think about my Newsletter Template?  I thought the brochure style would stand out from the rest of the paperwork that goes home with kiddos.  These would be great to send out monthly or at the beginning of each grading period.
I can't believe my little guy is 15 months old now!  My good friend, Samantha, took these beautiful pictures of Reed at the park last weekend.  

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  1. I love the elapsed task cards. These would be great in centers as well.