Rainbow Names!

Do you know what kids are DYING to do on the first day of school?  They are dying to use their brand spankin' new school supplies that Mom & Dad just bought them, but it's so important for me to teach my students HOW to use their supplies before I let them loose.  "Rainbow Names" is a fun and easy way to teach your students your expectations for using their supplies, as well as letting them actually use them.  :)  
To prepare, cut strips of heavy duty white card stock, and write each child's name using a black Sharpie.  That's it!  It will take you less than five minutes to prepare.  Woohoo!  Kiddos simply use their markers (or crayons) and trace around their name.  Easy breezy.
On the first day of school, before letting kids use their supplies, I take the time to MODEL how I expect students to use their school supplies.  We discuss the importance of taking care of their markers/crayons/etc. because they need to last all year!  I talk about doing your best work and being proud of your work.  I encourage kiddos to take their time on the work and not rush.  Then, I show examples of finished products that look AWESOME and others that look messy/rushed/yucky.  The visuals really help the students make connections to what I'm talking about.  Then, I let the kids show me their very best work!  When kids are creating their Rainbow Name, I give them plenty of time!  In fact, I give them time to work on it all week.  I don't want them to rush, and I don't want them to finish fast.  The best part is while kiddos are working on this project, I can do whatever needs to be done in the classroom during that crazy first day/week!  
These rainbow names really turn out beautiful!  They look fabulous on a bulletin board, hallway display, or to label students' cubbies.  Definitely laminate them when the kiddos are done so they last longer.  
This has always been one of my favorite Back to School activities because it allows me to accomplish several things...
-Teach and model expectations for using supplies 
-Teach kiddos about taking pride in their work 
-Keep kiddos busy in a fun and easy way!  :)

Just finished this beauty!  It's a trifold brochure that I pass out to parents at Meet the Teacher Night.  It gives parents all the details they need on ONE piece of paper.  
 {Inside page, Back page, Front Cover}
 {Middle of the brochure}
{Looks so pretty when it's printed & folded!}


  1. Liz,

    I *love* the rainbow names! It is absolutely perfect. I did have to laugh a little at the less than five minutes to prepare comment... I'm such a stinkin' perfectionist I will probably have to scrap some, like I do with name plates. Ugh! This year I did better, only rewrote a couple. I'm definitely going to try the rainbow names!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. I'm worried that the colors would transfer into the tips of the other markers...I hate it when that happens!!!