Fast Finisher Activity: Word Spinner Challenge

Need an activity for your SUPER FAST FINISHERS?  Here is a fun word work challenge for those kids who always shout “I’m DONE!” seconds after you give them the assignment.  ;)  
I found these awesome wooden word spinners in the Target Dollar Spot.  If you don’t have these $1 treasures, you could always make your own with pipe cleaners and letter beads.  
 Pinterest also has some clever DIY ideas if you can't find these at Target...

Set your wooden word spinners and FREE printables at a special desk or spot in the classroom.  When students finish their work, they can work on building words.  Kiddos keep track of all of the words they create.  On Friday, award a small prize to the student who makes the most real words.  Kiddos love competition and prizes, right?
A student may not be a fast finisher on Monday, but later in the week they may finish their work and have a few extra minutes to work on the Word Spinner Challenge.  This could easily be an ongoing challenge if you switch out the word spinners regularly.  The best part is that it takes very little prep to get this activity ready!

I've also included four extensions.  Just print the extension cards and let your SUPER fast finishers have at it!  :)  
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