Five for Friday on Saturday

We are on family vacation so I lost track of my days this week, so I'm linking up for Five for Friday on Saturday.  =)
I've been so excited about our trip to St. Louis to visit family, but I've been DREADING the flight.  Traveling with kids is exhausting.  Here we are...Baby Jack asleep in my arms.  :)  
We survived, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be.  
{Not pictured- crazy 2 year old, haha}
Have you read this book?  My sister-in-law just gave it to us, and it's so funny.  I love how the author uses real photos with his illustrations.  It's the perfect Back to School book when discussing friendship.  
Look what I found at Target?  I was picking up supplies for my husband's birthday in the party aisle, and I found these awesome chalkboard banners.  They would be so cute on bulletin boards.  They are about 5 feet long, so might need two or three for a long bulletin board.
They had super cute striped and polka-dot banners that were even longer.  They had a zillion cute colors, but I went with teal and green.  Target for the WIN!  :)  
 I'm working on some new spelling activities, and naturally food is involved.  I guarantee every child will get a perfect score on their spelling test when Twizzlers, pretzel sticks, & raisins are used to build their words. 
Find more spelling activities here!  
Need some help getting ready for Meet the Teacher night?  
This trifold brochure is perfect because you can give parents tons of information all on one sheet of paper!  Easy breezy!


  1. Those banners are so cute! They are also the colours of my classroom so I could be biased :) I wish we had a target here though :( I wonder if they ship to Canada....

  2. Love those Target banners! I picked up a few of them too on my vacation last week.

    The brochure is a great idea for Meet the Teacher night! I used a brochure last year and loved being able to fit everything on one page. So convenient!

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