Addition and Subtraction Math Center using Part Part Whole

Addition and Subtraction worksheets using Part Part Whole Model
Need an easy, fun, and engaging math center for your littles?  This one is a breeze to set up, and my students love it.  I ordered these Dry Erase Sleeves on Amazon, but you can get them almost anywhere.  I even saw some in the Target Dollar Spot the other day!  I put several copies of each worksheet inside the sleeve.  Students use dry erase markers to work through the problems.  At any given time, I might ask a student to take out one of the pages and complete it with a pencil.  Then I can really check their understanding or even take a grade!  :)
Addition and subtraction printables for math centers
Slide the answer key in the back so students can self-check.  
Addition and Subtraction Worksheets for Math Centers
For my students that need an extra challenge, I add blank part part whole worksheets so they can create their own!  They LOVE playing teacher.  They can complete the entire page or create problems for a friend to work through.  Awesome way to really check their understanding of part part whole!  To download these Addition & Subtraction printables, visit TheHappyTeacher store.  

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