Christmas Math {Word Problems}

I'm here today sharing a Christmas math FREEBIE!  You can use these word problem task cards in a variety of ways.  The freebie comes with 16 word problems, answer key, and student recording sheet. 
Christmas word problems for K-2 students FREEBIE
1.  Calendar Time: Work through a problem a day during whole group calendar time.  
2.  Scavenger Hunt: Post the problems around the room.  Tape them to the wall, bookshelf, under a desk, anywhere!  Give students a clipboard and their recording sheet.  They will have a blast finding and solving the problems.
3.  Math Stations: Perfect math station during the month of December
4.  Fast Finishers: Challenge your fast finishers with these word problems.
5.  Problem of the Day: Let students work through a problem each day during the month of December.  
Challenge students to solve these Christmas word problems {FREEBIE}
6.  Math Journal: Have students work through the problems in their math journals.  
Christmas math word problems for elementary students
Hope your students enjoy these FREE Christmas math problems!  
Do you call them "word problems" or "story problems" in your classroom?  Leave me a comment {with your e-mail} and let me know!  I'll pick a couple winners and send them my other Christmas math activities for free.  :)  

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