Magic Reading Fingers

During reading groups, have students track print using magic reading fingers.
Tracking print is an important part of learning to read.  It helps children keep their place in the text and helps build fluency.  It's a core print concept in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  By second grade, students are usually able to track text with their eyes.  Your Kindergarten and Firsties can simply track print with their fingers, but I think it is a lot more fun to give them a special tool!  I found these finger puppets in the party section at Target.
Use finger puppets as magic reading fingers during guided reading groups.
 Couldn't believe they were only $2 for a pack of 12!  Get in my cart!
Use finger puppets to help students learn to track print during guided reading groups.
We don't just use these special tools to track print, I use "magic pointers" for various activities in my guided reading groups and even during whole group instruction.  Here are a few ideas...
-Find letters, sight words, spelling words, or vocabulary words on the page you are reading.
-Have students identify specifics in the text...  "Point to the main character..." "Show me a picture that shows the main character is upset."
-Identify parts of the book.  "Point to the title."  "Show me the spine of the book."  "Point to the illustrator's name."
-Use magic reading fingers for rereading text.
-Model how to track print using your very own magic reading finger.  Students will love watching the monster dance along the page.
-Oriental Trading has some fun things that you could use for reading fingers as well.  I love these spooky Martian Fingers & Arrows!

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  1. This is a great idea! But do the kids get distracted and play with them a lot? I don't want to be the type of teacher that won't allow anything fun because it might distract the kids... but sometimes when I do fun things like that, they backfire on me!

  2. Miss Angel- That is a great question! I should have mentioned that I am hardcore when I introduce something new and fun like this. I lay out the ground rules and stick to them! Kids get one warning, and if they don't use them correctly, then they lose their privilege!