5 Easy Activities for your October Sub Folder

Halloween Fall activities and printables for the classroom
October is crazy. We can all agree on that. When district trainings, assessments, and cold/flu season take you away from your classroom, you want to have easy, engaging, no prep activities ready for your substitute. Today, I'm sharing some ideas that would be perfect additions to your sub folder. 
1. Following Directions/Oral Listening "Quiz"
Following Directions activity and directions
This following directions activity is one of my all time faves, and it is perfect to leave with a sub. Some administrators may not see the importance of "coloring." However, listening, processing, and following directions are vital skills for students of all ages! It's definitely a skill that needs to be practiced.
Listening and following directions coloring activity
The teacher or substitute teacher reads each direction ONCE slowly. (I would probably read it twice for PreK and Kinder.) Kiddos will realize right away that they have to be REALLY listening to hear the statement, process it, and then complete it.
2. Writing Prompts
Spark inspiration with some festive Halloween writing prompts.
Writing prompts and story starters for Halloween
Writing prompts and story starters for the month of October
Use these writing prompts if you have a sub during the month of October
3. Use Halloween stickers to inspire students' writing.
Genius: Give students stickers to use in their illustrations and to inspire their writing.
Sometimes kiddos get stuck when they want to draw something but don't know how. Halloween stickers are cheap and would be great motivation for students. Instead of spending 15 minutes trying to draw Frankenstein, a mummy, and a werewolf, they can choose the stickers they need! They can add to the illustration and spend more time on actually writing! ;)
4. Making Words
Making Words worksheet for Halloween and October
Students can work individually or in pairs to create as many words as they can from the letters in "Halloween Pumpkin." Such a simple activity but so much word work happening here! Students get hands-on, meaningful practice with word families, spelling patterns, and phonological awareness. 
5. Fall Graphic Organizer
Have the substitute teacher work with students to create an anchor chart about fall. Using their five senses, students can explore what fall feels like, smells like, tastes like, and looks like. This is the perfect anchor chart to have hanging near the writing center from September through November!
Students will use their five senses to discover the season of fall.
The substitute can create it on chart paper with the whole group, or have students work in groups to complete the printable. 
Fall graphic organizer for writing
I hope these five ideas will help you get prepped for a sub in no time. If you want these printables and a bunch more, check out my Pumpkin, Fall, Halloween NO PREP Printables & Activities here. 
Need October math activities? Check these out...
Halloween math activity
Review and practice addition and subtraction using ten frames.

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