Play-Doh Puzzles

Play-Doh imprint puzzles are a great visual discrimination activity for preschoolers. Visual discrimination is the ability to see subtle differences between objects. This is an important skill in reading and writing. (Think how confusing b, d, p, and q can be for early readers.) 
Here are the materials you need:
-Cookie sheet/tray
-Various household or classroom items to imprint
Coins, Legos, animals, utensils, school supplies, letters, numbers, shapes... Basically raid your junk drawer! I created a few matching challenges for my kiddos, and then they created their own. After rolling out the Play-Doh, they gathered items to imprint. 
 They each made a challenge for the other. Reed picked a lot of items with round or circular shapes to try and trick Jack. 
If your kiddos mix up certain letters and numbers, this is a fun way to practice recognizing the differences between them.

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