Best Gifts for Kids {Ages 3-7}

As a teacher and mom to two kiddos (aged 4 and 5.5), I want to give you some tried and true advice about the best gifts for kiddos. We all see the gadgets on TV with fancy bells and whistles... lots of batteries and annoying lights and sounds to 'stimulate' our children. How long will the child play with that expensive toy? Spoiler alert...not very long!
The American Academy of Pediatrics just released a clinical report about selecting toys for children in the digital era. While gaming systems and tablets are all the rage, the AAP suggests bringing back classic, low-tech toys to our playrooms. Toys should give children the opportunity for open ended, imaginative play. Appropriate toys encourage interpersonal play and creativity. Today, I'm sharing my favorite gift ideas for kiddos aged 3-7.
Hands down, this is the toy that gets played with in our home more than any other. The frequency and length of time that these magnetic tiles are played with makes it worth every penny! There are other brands on the market that cost two or three times as much, but the quality of Picasso Tiles is top-notch. This 60-piece set on Amazon makes a great starter set, and you can add to it for birthdays or next Christmas!
Picasso Magnetic Tiles are my boys' favorite toy. They play with them nearly every day. Best toy ever!
Gift ideas for children ages 3-7: Wooden blocks
I bought this set of wooden blocks for my son when he was 18 months old. Years later they are still in excellent condition. Sadly, wooden blocks have become obsolete in elementary classrooms, but this is a timeless gift choice that will offer endless opportunities for building and creating!
Great gift idea for kids aged 3-7
This set comes with 40 red, yellow, and blue lightweight blocks in three sizes. They are easy for kiddos to lift, stack, and build. They take up some space, so I store them in an old hamper. Note: The blocks must be assembled. :) 
Duplo Legos are fabulous for interpersonal play in the classroom and at home. Great gift option for kiddos aged 2-6.
I haven't counted, but we must have one zillion Duplo Legos. My 5-year old can build regular Lego sets, but he still thoroughly enjoys Duplo Legos. They are so much more manageable and still totally age appropriate. (Also pictured wooden blocks from #2) Santa brought this Family House set last year, and it's one of our favorites. 
Do your kids like to build pillow forts or bury themselves in the couch cushions? If so, this fort building set is for YOU! The blue poles snap into the red connectors for endless fort fun! Cover the poles with sheets or light blankets for the ultimate fort. The set comes with a booklet that shares tips for building igloos, castles, and more. In my opinion, you need TWO sets to be able to build a fort big enough to hold multiple kids. We started with one set and added another set for my son's birthday.
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite toys for kids 3-7. Great gift ideas for boys and girls!
We first experienced the joy and wonder of Tegu blocks at a local establishment, Play Street Museum, in Dallas. WOW. These are SO COOL. They combine the fun of traditional wooden blocks with the wonder of magnets. Warning: Because they are truly awesome, they are also truly expensive. :)
7. Card Games
Card games promote number sense and build math foundations for children.
Two of our family favorite cards games are Uno and Skip-Bo. Even my little one can participate in these games. Card games are great for building number sense and math foundations. 
8. Board Games
Great gift ideas for kids aged 3-7
Some of my best family memories are playing board games at my grandparents' house at Christmas time. The Game of Life Jr., Guess Who, and Connect Four are in my kids' current rotation.
I hope this gift guide gives you some new ideas for your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. What's your favorite gift on the list?
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