When students are out sick, it's hard to keep track of work they miss. The "Ketchup Folder" is a tool that helps me manage the chaos.
Place a "Ketchup" folder on a student's desk in the morning when you notice the child is absent. When you hand out assignments, simply slide one in to the folder. You can assign a student helper to do this as well.
I chose yellow folders because they stand out in the classroom since my take-home folders are always green. This helps me see the folder, especially when they turn it back in with their completed assignments. I usually make and laminate about TEN of these folders at the beginning of the year.  Inevitably, some of the folders will get "lost" or you will have multiple kiddos absent on the same day. Download the template for FREE by visiting my TpT store!

If you want more info, check out my Ketchup Folder Video.
Hope you like this classroom management idea!

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  1. This is such a great idea!! I appreciate your willingness to share:)
    Connie Anderson

  2. Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!