Fun Facts Website

Awhile back, I came across this awesome website that has silly, crazy, FUN facts!  
Here are a few examples...
This website is perfect for a "brain break" or when you have a couple random minutes in the day.
A couple ways to use the site...
1.  Find a fun fact and then let students GUESS what the answer is...
{You definitely don't need to type the facts up.  Just ask the students, and let them guess aloud!}
(The answer is 600 by the way.  Eek.)

2.  Find a fun fact.  Have students write their guess down on an index card.  Whoever gets it right gets a small prize.  {Use the teacher's pen, sit in the teacher's chair, 5 minutes of computer time, etc.}
{Answer: Elephant}

3.  Read some of the fun facts to your students, and just let them talk and discuss!  You know your kids LOVE to talk.  =)  
Here's a link to the Fun Facts site:
**Important Note**
Don't project all of the facts for students to see all at once.  This will ruin the fun of it, and some of the "facts" are not suited for kiddos.  

Need more Brain Breaks?
I've got you covered!  
Click on any of the pictures above for 40 printable Brain Break Cards!  
Store them in a pencil box or on a metal ring for easy access.  :)

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