Need a quick brain break that will get your kiddos excited?

Some of my favorite brain breaks are actually fun, learning activities.  Many times they include food :) Here is a super easy and engaging activity to use when you have five minutes before recess or just need to break up your day!
These fruit snacks are the bomb, but you could use any alphabet snack... cereal, crackers/cookies, gummies, etc.  Give each student a pack of fruit snacks, and let them find a place to work in the room (aka GET THEM OUT OF THEIR SEATS!).  Their goal is to make as many words as they can before the timer goes off.  In my class, I would let them work with a partner, but it's up to you if you want them to work independently.  
Students record their words on a whiteboard or in their journal.  The timer adds excitement and some friendly competition.  You could ask your students to make only real words, or a combination or real and nonsense words.  
FYI...Each pack had about 9 letters, and every pack had a vowel.  If you partner up your kiddos, they will have more letter choices, and be able to make more words!  I love when a Brain Break can be fun, yummy, and an extension of our learning.  :)  

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