Journal Writing {A Shared Classroom Journal}

I've always loved having a shared journal in my classroom.  What's a shared journal?  It's a journal that is kept in the writing station that all students are welcome to write in.  Students can read their classmates responses, and respond to one another.  
You can keep blank journals for students to write in, or you can print writing prompts on Avery labels.  Students choose a topic they find interesting, stick the label in the journal, and write their response in the shared journal.  It's great to also keep post-it notes, stickers, and pens in the writing station so students can respond to one another.  {Set your expectations before you let the kids loose!}  I found these emoji sticky flags in the Dollar Spot at Target!  160 emoji flags for $1.  Eek!
These emoji sticky flags would be a fun way for the teacher to respond to students' journaling as well.  I like to take a couple journals home with me every weekend.  I'll scan through the writing and leave notes.  Students FREAK OUT when they see that I've read their journal and written a personal note to them.  These emoji flags are perfect for that, but if you can't find them at Target, a post-it note or sticker would work just fine.

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