Meet the Teacher Tips

Love these simple and easy ideas for Meet the Teacher night
Last week, I posted a video with 5 Tips for Meet the Teacher. If you missed it, you can catch it here.
After I posted the video, I thought of several other VERY IMPORTANT tips I should have mentioned. If you are a new teacher, please read these!
1. EAT SOMETHING before Meet the Teacher. If you are like me, you get to school super early, work through lunch, and try and get as much done as you can on teacher work days. Sometimes that means you forget to eat real food. Just be sure to eat something before Meet the Teacher or you won't have energy to meet all those kids and all those parents! :)
2. Don't drink too much coffee. LOL. Seriously, my first three years of teaching I think I kept Starbucks in business. Meet the Teacher is not the day to have a venti or you will be bouncing off the walls and then crash...or maybe that was just me!
3. Wear comfy shoes and comfy clothes, but you already know that because you are a teacher!
4. Try a classroom scavenger hunt. On your whiteboard or SmartBoard, you can have a scavenger hunt of things you want students/parents to do in the classroom. For example,
-Find your new desk.
-Find your cubby.
-Find our class pet. Write down a suggestion for what you think we should name him on the clipboard.
-Find one new friend and introduce yourself.
-Give your new teacher a big hug before you leave!
5. Have a folder for parents' to turn in their completed VIP papers. (See video above for details on VIP papers.)
You can grab this Meet the Teacher editable flyer in my TpT store. It's part of my Meet the Teacher Essentials which has everything you need to make Meet the Teacher a breeze! 
Editable flyer and template for Meet the Teacher night


  1. Hi Liz! Great job on your valuable resources tips and printable! Question can you tell me where I can buy the green take home folders? Thank you.

  2. Hi Lynne! I found some earlier this summer at Office Depot, but they were kinda expensive. Just this week, I was at Target, and they had an awesome selection of folders. They had the Up & Up brand poly folders for 50 cents or less! They were a pretty green too. :) Happy shopping!!