Journal Writing: 100 Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

There are two kinds of writers in the world. The first have an endless assortment of ideas that magically pop into their heads when it is time to begin writing. The rest of us look like this...
100 Journal Writing Prompts for Upper Elementary
Frustrated. Annoyed. Defeated. Tired.
I don't want students to feel like this when it is time to write in their journals or work at the writing station, so I created a solution to this problem... 100 Creative Writing Prompts.
100 Writing Prompts for Kids
Here is the best part. I formatted them so they can be printed on 2x4 labels. So when it's time to start writing, and you have a kiddo that says, "I don't know what to write about," you simply let them choose a sticker label with a writing prompt on it. They peel it off, stick it in their journal, and get started! You can get a huge pack of labels on Amazon for super cheap. You could use these for an instant writing station. Just add some paper, journals, fun pencils & pens, and the writing prompts, and you are all set.
Fun and easy ideas for writing
If you don't want to buy labels, you can print the writing prompts on colored card stock. Laminate for durability, and then store them inside of an index card filing box. You can also hole punch them and put them on a metal binder ring. 
Creative writing prompts for journals and writing center
Quick and easy writing lesson for upper elementary
Writer's block no more! Happy Writing! Get them HERE.
Fun writing prompts for any occasion


  1. A very creative, fun way to stimulate writing.

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