Ten Frame Activities for Addition & Subtraction

Math manipulatives, ten frames, addition and subtraction
Ten Frames are awesome. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade students can work on so many essential concepts including number sense, subitizing, counting on, addition, subtraction, basic facts, making ten, and more. I HEART TEN FRAMES, and I hope you will too, after reading this blog post! 
Fun, easy, engaging activities for math stations
Ten Frames are a part of many direct teach lessons, but I utilize them to spiral review in math stations, as well as small groups and tutoring. Ten Frames are concrete, and I like that we can swap out manipulatives to make it fun and engaging. Add tweezers, pinchers, and grabbers to make it even more exciting and fine tune those fine motor skills! DONUT HOLE MATH!
Fun and easy ideas for math small groups Kindergarten and 1st grade
Engaging and fun math ideas for K-2 students
I created four sets in this resource: Addition, Subtraction, Mixed Set, & a Challenge Set.
Ideas for storing the cards...
1. Laminate & put them in baggies
2. Index Card Filing Box
3. School Supply Box
4. Dollar Store Photo Album! 
(See video below)
My other favorite way to use these cards is for a class "scavenger hunt." When the students are at lunch or specials, I will hang a set of the cards around the room in random hiding places. When they return, I will give them a recording sheet and let them go hunt throughout the classroom to find the cards. It's such a fun and interactive way to practice the skills they need to be review. Math is so fun!
Fun and easy idea for math centers in Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade
Fun ideas for math centers and small group tutoring

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