How to Store and Organize Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight Words...We know they are important, and we know children need a lot of exposure, practice, and repetition to master sight words. There are 220 Dolch Sight Words broken down into five sets (Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade). This breaks down to about 40-50 per list. That's a lot of cards to keep organized! Let me help you get a grip on those flash cards so you can spend more time playing sight word games and having fun with the words.
1. Organize words into three sections: 
"New Words," "Words I Can Read," & "Tricky Words"
-New Words: These are the new words that the child is currently learning. You might also store a stack of upcoming words here.
-Words I Can Read: After a child masters a sight word, move it to the section titled "Words I Can Read" so the child has a set of words he/she feels confident reading. It only takes a few seconds to flip through these words. It will make the child feel good about how many words he/she has learned.
-Tricky Words: It may be a word the child is currently working on or one from the past, but there are always a few "tricky words" that need special attention. Give those words the special attention they deserve. TRICKY WORDS. 😎
2. Organize flash cards in a Dollar Tree photo album
Hit up your local Dollar Tree and buy some photo albums/brag books. These are perfect for sight word cards. If you are a parent, you might buy a couple books. You could organize "New Words" in one book, "Words I Can Read" in a second photo album, and "Tricky Words" in a third. The best part is you can easily move the flash cards from one book/slot to another by sliding them out of the photo slots. If you are a classroom teacher or if your child is just starting with sight words, ONE album per child is plenty.
3. Recipe Card Box/Index Card Filing Box
Here's another cheap storage option... an index card filing box/ plastic recipe box. I would still suggest sorting the words into the three sections previously mentioned. You can paperclip them to keep the groups separated in the box.
4. Coupon Organizer/Accordion Pouch
Coupon organizers/accordion pouches are great because they are made with partitioned sections. It's an easy way to keep sight words stored AND organized. (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc. or September Words, October Words, November Words, etc.)
5. Target Pencil Clip
Target always has varieties of these cute "clips" in the Dollar Spot.
This works best for a parent or homeschooler. Clip the sight words into sections: New Words, Words I can Read, & Tricky Words. Take down the cards you want to practice or play a game with, and then simply clip them back in place. Perfect to hang near your child's bookshelf or desk at home!
Hope these ideas for organizing and storing sight words will help you in your classroom or homeschool. If you are a parent helping your child study and learn their sight words, HUGS to you for being so awesome!!!

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