Sight Word ROLL & WRITE Activity

Today I'm sharing a fun and easy sight word activity and {FREE} printable. 
Use dry erase dice or cubes for a fun and easy sight word activity. Easy to change out the words and personalize for the sight words your child is currently learning.
This game is perfect for a quick review of sight words. Teachers can use this activity in centers/stations or in small groups. Parents can also use this activity at home to practice the weekly sight words with their child. I found these dry erase foam blocks at the Dollar Tree! I've seen them at teacher supply stores over the years, but I'm always shocked at the price. I couldn't believe it when I found these at the Dollar Tree for a buck! 
Dry erase dice/cubes are perfect for sight word games and activities. Love these cheap foam ones from the Dollar Tree.
If you can't find them at your local Dollar Tree, you might be able to purchase them online.
Use dry erase markers to write the sight words on the cube. Record the same words on the bottom row of this FREE printable.
Fun sight word activity for Kindergarten and 1st grade. Perfect for centers or small groups.
Player one rolls the dice and writes the sight word in the appropriate column. Kiddos can also use markers, pens, or colored pencils to "rainbow write" the words.
Easy, simple, fun, and engaging sight word activity
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This is the perfect activity for Word Work stations or centers. It's also an easy activity for parents to do at home with their child to practice weekly sight words in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

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