October Math: Halloween Math Problems

Halloween math activities for First Grade and Second Grade
Today I'm sharing a new October math resource. October is CRAZY... Fair Day, Fall Festival, Parent Teacher Conferences, school pictures, field trips, and, of course, HALLOWEEN! I'm hoping this new math resource will make your life a little easier and give your kiddos some fun & engaging math practice. 
Halloween math activities for the month of October. These are perfect for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.
The Halloween math problems are set up as task cards so you only have to make one copy of the problems. Students work through the problems and record their work/answers on individual recording sheets. Depending on your kiddos, you may choose to do ONE problem a day for the entire month of October, or you may decide to do a couple a day the week leading up to Halloween. Another idea is to set up a classroom scavenger hunt. When students are out of the classroom for Specials, grab some tape, and hang the task cards around the room. When the class returns, each kiddo gets a clipboard and a recording sheet. They have so much fun hunting around the room and working through the problems. Just getting up and moving makes it more engaging!
Math activities and worksheets for October and Halloween
These would be ideal for Problem of the Day during morning meeting or for math journals. Your kiddos may need help reading the problems, so you may choose to work through them together and think aloud as you model how you solve the problem. Students can work on a dry erase board or solve the problem on their individual recording sheet. These would also be great for math centers or small groups. So many easy ways to make math fun in October!
Math activities for Halloween and October

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