Letter Stockings: A Twist on the Letter Bag

A twist on the traditional Letter Bag...the Letter Stocking! Perfect for December & the week before Christmas!
Most primary teachers have heard of "The Letter Bag." The teacher sends home the letter bag with a student. The child's job is to fill the letter bag with items from his or her home that begin with the letter on the bag... usually the letter of the week. One little rule: The items must fit in the bag. When the kids start looking, they find so many toys and household items that begin with the letter. It's a mix of a scavenger hunt and a show and tell activity. What's not to love? 
For the month of December, use a Christmas stocking for your letter bag. Check out all the fun things my preschoolers found for letter S.
Fun alphabet/phonics activity for the month of December- The Letter Stocking
This activity could also work for classes working on digraphs or consonant blends.
Activity for teaching digraphs and free printable
/ch/ was a yummy digraph to search for... Cheese, Cheez-Its, Chair, Chocolate Chip cookie, Chicken, Cheetos. If you need a letter to send home to parents to explain the activity, head on over to my TpT store and download it for FREE!
Fun alphabet and phonics activity for the month of December for preschool and Kindergarten and 1st grade
 Letter Stockings are also a fun activity for homeschoolers or for parents who want to engage their little learners on a cold, December day! My boys are 3 and 4.5, and they thought this was the best scavenger hunt ever. #momforthewin
December Letter Stocking Alphabet Letter/Sound Activity

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