Easy Christmas Card Display

Hang your Christmas cards in a high traffic place in the house- the pantry- so you can enjoy holiday wishes from family and friends throughout the Christmas season.
Recently, a friend and I were talking about the best (aka easiest) way to display Christmas cards. Over the years, I’ve tried wreaths and trees purchased from the store, but they are bulky, and do not hold many cards. I’ve also tried channeling my crafty Pinterest self and using ribbon and clips. It was always a lot of work and not as cute as Pinterest. For the last few years, I’ve simplified my Christmas card display and absolutely love it.
Super simple and adorable way to display Christmas cards that won't cost you a dime!
I asked myself…what’s the most high traffic area in the house? Where is a place where these beautiful cards will be seen throughout the day?
THE PANTRY, of course!
Cute and easy way to display Christmas holiday cards!
I hang the cards on the pantry door using blue painter’s tape. It comes off easily, and I can create a fun collage in a place where we will see all of our friends and family throughout the day. I put the kiddos’ friends at their eye level. The only real downside of this display method is that you can only see one side of the card. My friend texted me a picture of her Christmas card collage last night. SO CUTE!
Great idea for displaying Christmas cards
The same friend and I were talking about what to do with the Christmas cards after the holiday season. We KNOW how much time, energy, and money went into creating the perfect holiday card. It’s a shame to throw them in the trash come January, but what are you going to do with all those cards?
What to do with Christmas cards after Christmas

Here’s my solution. Use your iPhone to take a picture of the main picture on the card. Then use this photo in the person’s contact information. I love having pictures of all of my people, and I love seeing their darling family photo when they call. It’s a special way to treasure the photos on the cards without having to save all of the cards.

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  1. The kindergarten teachers at our school glued the non- photo cards into card stock and cut into holiday puzzles for the students to put together. So cute and fun!