Short Vowel CVC Word Activities

Ideas for building CVC words
Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers know students need a lot of practice working with short vowel CVC words. This includes real words like mug, hop, bat, jet, as well as nonsense words like mux, zeg, and wim. One of my favorite ways to build CVC words is with Unifix® letter cubes
Building CVC words with Unifix letter cubes
This activity is easy to set up and the possibilities are endless! Another fun way to practice blending and reading CVC words is using a bingo marker. Dab each letter as you say the sound. Then blend/read the word and write it.
CVC Word practicer worksheet from TheHappyTeacher
 Working with nonsense words is important because it eliminates guessing when students are decoding. It also demonstrates a strong mastery of the alphabetic principal and letter/sound correspondence.
Dab each CVC word with a bingo marker. Cross out the nonsense words.
Using a  hands-on approach to reading with a variety of manipulatives keeps learning fun for little learners! Have you ever used magnetic tiles (like MagnaTiles or Picasso Tiles) for phonics activities?
Building CVC words with magnetic tiles
Use a dry erase marker to write on your magnetic tiles. They wipe off easily! Have students use the magnetic tiles to build CVC words. Connecting the magnetic tiles allows the brain to make a connection and blend the sounds into a word.
You can grab all 18 CVC activities and printables on TpT. This resource is packed full of games, activities, and worksheets to use in your literacy centers, small groups, or homeschool.
Hands-On CVC word practice with manipulatives
What's your favorite phonics/word work activity? 
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CVC Word Work resource from TheHappyTeacher

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