Favorite Children's Books and Activities for Fall

Autumn Books and Activities for Ages 3-8
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite read alouds for fall! I have several classics on my list, as well as several new gems. These books are perfect for late September and the whole month of October! Amazon affiliate links included incase you want to check them out.
Ten Orange Pumpkins book- perfect for fall
More than a simple counting book, the author's creativity delights readers as the pumpkins vanish one by one. This book makes it easy to incorporate subtraction and basic math facts into your lesson. It would be so fun for students to work in groups to write their own version of this book!
Tap the Magic Tree picture book
Tap the Magic Tree is an interactive picture book about the magic of the changing seasons. You can revisit this book as each season changes. It's a fun read-aloud, but kids will also enjoy curling up and reading this one on their own. Have kids create their own bare brown tree and decorate the tree for each of the four seasons.
Tap the Magic Tree art project
The Four Seasons art project for kids
Red Leaf Yellow Leaf book for fall
Learn about the life cycle of a tree and experience the wonder of nature in this classic book by Lois Ehlert. Science, literacy, and art are woven together beautifully. This red and yellow splatter art project is a perfect pair to Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.
Autumn leaves art project
Fun fall Halloween book- At the Old Haunted House
I love the use of rhyme and the rhythm of the verses in this Halloween tale. It's a spooky and fun  story that will have your kids howling in no time. 
Don't Push the Button (A Halloween Treat)
Don't Push the Button (Halloween) book for kids
This was an instant hit with my kiddos- silly, interactive, and full of Halloween fun!
Spookley the Square Pumpkin
The message in this story is so powerful. Different isn't odd. Different is beautiful, unique, and a blessing. Instead of having the class all make identical round pumpkins, let them create their own pumpkin- any shape, any size, any color, any design!
Halloween ABC Book
This book is not only great for toddlers and preschoolers learning the alphabet, but it's also awesome for elementary students. Add this book to your writing station to help kiddos spell tricky Halloween words like cauldron, Frankenstein, invisible, quiver, and skeleton. It may also give writers new ideas to add to their story. 
Five Little Pumpkins Book
This short and sweet tale is one of my favorites for preschool through first grade. I love the Pete the Cat version as well! 
Five Little Pumpkins Came Back Book
Finally a sequel to Five Little Pumpkins! This was just released back in July, and it's just as cute and catchy as the first!
Pumpkin Jack read-aloud for fall
Learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin in this festive, fictional tale.
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat
My kids can't get enough of this series, so of course, they love the Halloween version. The best part is definitely the TRICK or TREAT at the end.
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
This is a timeless Halloween tale that your kids will ask for again and again. The repeated text is fun and rhythmic. Have your students create movements or actions for each new line of the text. Enjoy!
12 of the best Kids' Books and Activities for Fall

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