CHOCOLATE MATH: A Valentine Math Activity

Chocolate math is a fun and easy way to get students to practice their math facts. Perfect for February and Valentine's Day!
Today, I'm sharing a way for students to work on fact fluency through meaningful practice in a fun and festive way! We all know that math facts are important, but it doesn't have to be boring practice sheets or rote memorization. "Math facts, themselves, are a small part of mathematics and they are best learned through the use of numbers in different ways and situations." (Boaler, 2015) Chocolate math is a super easy and quick activity to set up, and it's perfect for February and Valentine's Day! 
-Empty box of chocolates
-Foam sheet or colored card stock paper
-Recording sheet (optional)
Step 1: Eat all the chocolate. (Done!)
Valentine's Day math activity
Step 2: Count the number of empty spots in your chocolate box. Get a foam sheet (or piece of colored card stock) and cut out that number of pieces. You will also need the same number of stickers or labels. I had this fun, sparkly red foam leftover from a project, and it was perfect for this activity.
Valentine's Day math fun
Step 3: Decide which facts your students need to practice. Doubles? Addition to 12? Mixed set? Write a math fact on each foam piece and the coordinating answer on a sticker label. 
Chocolate math Valentine's math facts activity
The heart stickers I found at Target stuck to the chocolate box fairly well, but I painted a thin layer of Modge Podge to be sure they would stay put. Your Chocolate Math activity is ready! You could easily create multiple sets using different colors of foam to extend the activity. For some higher level thinking, allow students to create their own math facts set. If you are using this activity in a math center, you may want to use the open-ended recording sheet for some extra accountability. 😊
FREE math printable for Valentine's Day activity
A quick and easy math game for Valentine's Day- includes free worksheet
Valentine math activity and printable
Here is my sweet kindergartener working on his math facts before bed. :) 
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