CVC Word Work

CVC Word Activities
Once students have mastered letter names/sounds, they need lots of practice working with CVC words.  Students need opportunities to build, read, and write CVC words. I've created a set of 20 task cards to help with just that! This is a mixed set of CVC words in which students will identify beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Click on the picture below to see them in my TpT store.
You can use any alphabet manipulatives that you have in your classroom to make this hands-on and fun. A few examples of manipulatives you could use are letter erasers, letter tiles or cubes, magnetic letters, or alphabet clothespins. Laminating the cards and using a dry erase marker will work as well! You can also have students use the task cards digitally.
Use letter erasers or magnetic letters for CVC Word Work
Love these little, colorful, letter erasers from the Target Dollar Spot!
Kindergarten CVC Word Work Activity
Magnetic letters work great too. Hope your kiddos enjoy this activity!

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