Fry Sight Word Flashcards

My youngest son is in Kindergarten this year, and he's working hard to learn his sight words. Today I'm sharing the flashcards I created to practice with him at home.

He had learned about 20-25 Dolch sight words in preschool, but his Kinder teacher uses the Fry sight word list. We work on the sight words in sets of 10, so I printed each set of 10 on different colored cardstock.
It helps us keep them organized and work through the list of 100 high frequency words. I like to use multiple binder rings so we can separate the sets. At the beginning of the school year, we started with just ten words on the ring so it wasn't overwhelming. As he has progressed through the school year, he is delighted to add more colors and work through the entire rainbow of words. 
We practice a few minutes in the afternoon or before bedtime. Keeping the flashcards on a ring makes it easy to grab and go... carpool line, waiting before an appointment, or in the car before soccer. I print the sight words on Astrobrights cardstock, and they have held up very well. You can grab the word list, flashcards, and a set of 10 word searches in my TpT store
Final note... flashcards are just one of the many ways we work on sight words. :) Games, building words with manipulatives, and hands on activities are SUPER important. 
Check out this blog post for those ideas and more!
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