Fun and Easy Writing Activity

Do you have reluctant writers in your classroom? Do you need to spice up your writing center? Do your students groan when you mention journal writing? If so, check out this super fun and easy writing idea. 

I found these amazing animal stickers on Amazon. It's a pack of 100 sticker sheets for less than $10. 
Each student gets a sticker sheet. Allow them a few minutes to get creative with their animal. I love these stickers because they easily peel and restick. Let students create their animal on a sheet of construction paper or in their journal. Next, they will use adjectives and a little imagination to describe what they've created. I would model this at least once or twice before letting the students loose. 
Pre-K teachers can use this activity in whole group with the students supplying the ideas and the teacher writing. For K-2 kiddos, differentiation is easy. Keep it simple with labeling and describing, or extend the activity by writing complete sentences or a paragraph.
Check out those great sticker sheets here on Amazon. 
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  1. As a future educator, I have been learning more about creativity and the importance of letting students take charge of their own learning. I love how you took such a simple concept and found ways to make it exciting and beneficial to a students learning. This activity allows students to choose the direction in which they want to learn and they get to challenge their creativity skills while doing it.