Sight Word Snowflake Activity

Winter Sight Word Activity using snowflake cut-outs and jumbo letter unifix cubes!
My kiddos are loving this winter snowflake sight word activity! You will love it because it's low-prep. I found these snowflake foam cut-outs at the Dollar Tree (but you could also use a die-cut shape). These jumbo letter cubes from Didax are great for word building, but if you don't have these, you could make your own set using a Sharpie and snap cubes/math cubes. 
Hands on sight word activity and practice
Amazon even has several different sets of letter snap cubes. If you are doing this in centers or small groups, you will want several sets. If you are working on this at home with your little, one or two sets would be enough.
To get started, break apart the letter cubes so they are ready for word building. Next, write a sight word/spelling word on each of the snowflakes. Hide the snowflakes around your classroom, library, or homeschool room. Students find the hidden snowflakes and then build each word they find using the letters cubes. For added accountability at your center/station, have students write the words they find and build on the recording sheet. {FREE in my TpT store!}
Free sight word worksheet and spelling worksheet for word work center
 Our playroom/homeschool room with snowflakes ready to be found!
Word work activity for Kindergarten January and February
Switch up your word work center by writing sight words or spelling words on snowflake cut-outs. Then have students build each snowflake word using letter snap cubes!
Low-prep Word Work activity for December, January, and February.
Little brother worked on building his name with the letter cubes.
Fine motor skills + name activity for preschool
Hope your kiddos have just as much fun as mine!
Snowflake sight words- perfect winter center or small group activity for word work, spelling words, and sight words!

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