Easter Art Paper: Torn Paper Easter Egg Craft

Easy Easter craft idea that also incorporates fine motor skills
Looking for a fun and easy Easter art project? I love the way these torn paper eggs turned out! Tearing and ripping paper is great for tiny hands and fine motor skills. This art project is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary kids. Elementary students can create mosaics, color patterns, and creative designs. Younger students will enjoy tearing the paper to make pieces in various shapes and sizes. Mount the torn paper egg on a piece of card stock for a beautiful bulletin board display.
Art teacher tip
We used glue sponges for this craft. Elmer's glue and a paintbrush or sponge brush would also work well.
Preschool teacher hack to make art more manageable
Jack using the glue sponge to adhere all of his orange torn paper. 
Super easy and cute Easter art project for toddlers
Tearing paper requires strength and endurance of the muscles in the hands. For preschoolers, this project is a perfect combination of fine motor skills and art! 
Materials: Egg Template, Construction paper in various colors, Glue, Sponges, Clothespin (optional) 
I'm not great at free handing ovals, so I googled "printable egg template" and lots turned up! Thank you, Google! 
Easter Craft Ideas for kids
Love how bright and beautiful our Easter eggs turned out!
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Easter Egg Art Project for kids

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